Commercial Cleaning Explained

What is the Best Commercial Cleaning?

Remove any nails, hooks, and screws you have put on the walls and conceal the holes (as well as all other visible marks, dents, scratches, etc.) with a specialized product, such as a Magic Eraser. Make sure there are no stains or smudges anywhere on the surfaces and wipe down walls, baseboards, doors and doorknobs with a wet washcloth to freshen them up (unless the walls are covered with non-water-resistant wallpaper, of course – in this case, just dust them carefully).


Use a quality glass cleaner to wash all the windows, mirrors, glass doors, and other glass surfaces in your old home. Don’t forget to clean the blinds and the window sills as well; Clean the floors. Vacuum the carpeting and try to remove any stains you find with a suitable cleaning product (consider using professional carpet cleaning services to take care of particularly stubborn stains).


Look into every nook and cranny of your old property and remove all the cobwebs you can find. Dust all the surfaces in the home and vacuum the upholstery and the drapes to make sure they are free of dirt and dust; Take care of the light fixtures. Wash lampshades and other light covers, dust ceiling fans, and replace burned out light bulbs to make sure the light fixtures in your old home are in excellent condition.

Move out cleaning requirement #1: Make your home shine with cleanness! Now that you know the basics for cleaning your home before a move, you may be interested in some trickier details that will help you finish the laborious tasks in a quick, organized and efficient manner. So, how to clean your house fast and easy? All you need to do is follow some essential move out cleaning instructions (in addition to the general ones listed above): Empty all cabinets and drawers and wipe them clean with a soft sponge and a mild cleaner (use baking soda and water for grease stains).

Clean countertops with warm, soapy water and disinfect them to make sure you have successfully removed any stains, residues, mold and other bacteria or grime; Use a specialized glass cleaner to make all the glass elements in the kitchen (windows, glass doors, glass cases, glass tabletops, etc.) shine; Scrub the sink and faucets with an appropriate powdered cleaning product or use chlorine-free bleach to make them look like new (put some bleach into a spray bottle, add water, spray all over the sink, let it soak for a while, then rinse thoroughly).

Power Up Your Commercial Cleaning

Move them away from the walls and clean the areas behind them, as well as the floor where they stood. Refrigerator – empty and defrost the fridge, remove the drawers and shelves (clean them as appropriate), and wipe the appliance inside and out with soapy water. When the refrigerator is fully dry, replace the drawers and shelves and put a container with baking soda inside to absorb any possible bad odors.

Otherwise, leave the door open to prevent mold; Stove – Remove the grills, oven racks, and drip pans from the stove and scrub them clean (it’s a good idea to soak them in soapy water while you’re cleaning the rest of the stove). Use steel wool to scrub the oven (you will need a heavy-duty oven cleaner) and pay special attention to the oven glass door.

Replace the exhaust fan filter if necessary; Good to remember: It’s advisable to wear thick gloves and ensure good ventilation while cleaning the oven as degreasing agents can be harmful to the skin and the respiratory system. Dishwasher – shake baking soda on a damp sponge and wipe down all the surfaces (pay special attention to the filter, the rubbers, the inside of the door and the door edges).

Let cool and wipe the inside clean (including the underside filter) with a sponge or a microfiber cloth. Clean the outside of the microwave with a damp cloth. Finish the cleaning process by sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor. And what about the appliances you’re going to take with you? You can find some useful information on how to pack them for shipment here.

RELATED: Packing your kitchen for moving Tiles – scrub the tiles and grout with an appropriate cleaner (one that contains bleach) and rinse well, so that all the tiled surfaces in your bathroom start shining; Tub and shower – clean the tub, tub fixtures, shower rod, shower head, and shower enclosure with extra care to get rid of soap scum and possible mold growth (you may need to wash or replace the shower curtain).

Commercial Cleaning Back To Basics

Consider applying a paste of baking soda and vinegar to any glass surfaces in the bathroom – leave it soak for an hour an remove it with a damp cloth to make the glass sparkle; Sinks – scour the sink and pay special attention to the faucets, handles, and chromed surfaces (you may need to use an old toothbrush to get mold and stains out of small nooks and crannies that are difficult to reach).

Clean the mirrors and wipe down the counters; Toilet – sanitize the toilet bowl, tank, and seat. Wipe the toilet roll holder; Vents – dust and wash all the vents found on the bathroom walls and ceiling. Take down and clean the exhaust fans; Floor – scrub and mop the bathroom floor before you move out of the house.

Apply a fabric/leather protector, as appropriate; Wash area rugs and clean the floors as described above. RELATED USEFUL READS: How to move a queen-size bed There is no place for rubbish and debris in your charming garden. (Not applicable if you’re wondering how to clean an apartment before moving out.) Clean out storage areas and sweep garage/shed floors; Remove all your possessions from the yard area, including anything stuck in the round or hanging from the trees, any tools and equipment, toys and pet items, outside footwear, etc.; Remove dust and cobwebs from walls, window sills and eaves; Make sure the gutters are free from debris; Ensure all outdoor lighting is clean and in working order; Clear out the letter box and compost bin; Sweep patios, verandas, concrete or paved driveways, and stairs; Remove all debris and rubbish from the garden, mow the lawn, trim the edges, weed garden beds and sweep garden paths.

It’s a good idea to take photos of your cleaned house or apartment and keep them as proof of the excellent condition you’re leaving the place in. RELATED: Renter’s moving out checklist Our moving house cleaning checklist won’t be complete without some advice on how to clean your new home as well.