Important Strategies To Commercial Cleaning

Some Standard Principles Of Commercial Cleaning

The previous residents should have sanitized the bathroom before moving out, but it’s still recommendable to give it a good cleaning in order to ensure your peace of mind (the bathroom is one of the most germ-filled places in the house). So, make sure you scrub all the surfaces and bathroom fixtures with appropriate disinfecting products and pay special attention to the places that the previous occupants of the home may have missed (such as behind the toilet, inside of the medicine cabinet, in the shower recess, etc.).

Wipe down the walls, wash the windows (if necessary), check if the light fixtures are free of dirt and dust, clean doors and fly screens inside and out (do not forget to disinfect the doorknobs as they are touched frequently and accumulate excessive grime and germs), dust the furniture (i.e.

Once you take out your clean bedding, your new bedroom will be completely ready to provide you with the peace and calm you deserve after the exhausting moving process. Good to remember: Have the carpets in your new home professionally cleaned, unless you have proof that the previous residents already did so; Move on to the kitchen and get it ready to become the epicenter of your family life as soon as you move into the house – after all, there is nothing better than home-made food to replenish your energy after the move and to allow you to spend some fun time together with your loved ones while enjoying the meal.

Make sure there are no grease stains, soap scum or any other residues left. Your new kitchen will be all ready to welcome you for a house-warming meal; Follow the move out cleaning guide above to take care of the rest of the home and make it spotless and shiny before your items arrive.

Easy Recommendations about Commercial Cleaning

Therefore, it is essential that you clean the mess immediately after an unpacking task, however small it may be – just take out the trash and vacuum to make sure no dirt will accumulate into your newly-cleaned home. Too exhausted to clean your new home? Call the professionals! Dispose of the packing materials in a suitable way – flatten the damaged boxes in stacks (to be recycled) and store away the ones that are still in good condition, sort out all the packing supplies to see if you can use any of them and throw out the rest, etc.

Now, your new house cleaning checklist is complete – at last, you can relax and rejoice at your successful relocation experience. Move out and move in cleaning can be extremely exhausting when you are so overwhelmed with the arduous moving process. It requires plenty of time and effort and adds to the moving stress.

In certain circumstance hiring professional moving out (moving in) cleaners may be your only viable option – you may not have the time to clean your old house by yourself, you may not be able to arrive in your new property before your items, you may not have the necessary cleaning supplies (you won’t take your vacuum cleaner on the plane with you, so that you can clean your new home upon arrival, will you?), you may be too exhausted to deal with the laborious cleaning tasks, etc.


In most cases, the quality professional assistance will be worth the cost. Can you think of any other moving cleaning tricks that might come handy when moving house? Please, share your advice in the comments below! .

Proper Commercial Cleaning

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Miracle Maids in New York suggest the following cleaning supplies: • Liquid cleaning supplies - always have a general cleaner and a floor cleaner at minimum • Mop and one or more buckets • Broom and dustpan • A hand held scrub brush • A toilet brush • Rubber gloves • Ladder or step stool, if needed for cleaning high areas like ceiling fans, cabinets, top of fridge • Vacuum cleaner, with attachments and a fresh vacuum bag • At least four fresh sponges and several abrasive (scrubby) sponges • At least three rolls of paper towels (per cleaning person) • Clean rags • Garbage bags – heavy-duty and regular bags (30 to 55 gallon size) Merry Maids breaks down the list of cleaning supplies needed per room, as follows: “Bathroom cleaning supplies list: • Distilled white vinegar • A spray bottle • Microfiber cloths • A plastic sandwich bag and a rubber band • An old toothbrush • Grout cleaner • Toilet cleaner and brush Bedroom cleaning supplies list: • Multiple microfiber cloths • A bucket • Dishwashing liquid • An extendable microfiber duster or ceiling fan cleaner • Vacuum cleaner with attachments • Distilled white vinegar • A spray bottle Kitchen cleaning supplies list: • Kitchen countertop cleaner • A spray bottle • Microfiber cloths • Baking soda • Microfiber mop • Dishwashing liquid • Bucket Common area cleaning supplies list: • An extendable microfiber duster or ceiling fan cleaner • Microfiber cloths • Distilled white vinegar • A spray bottle • A bucket • Dishwashing liquid • Vacuum cleaner with upholstery attachment” If you want to get technical, according to, they state that cleaning equipment is a noun that is “any of a large class of implements used for cleaning.” For instance if you can use the item to clean, then it qualifies as cleaning equipment.

Cleaning equipment can also be known as cleaning devices. Cleaning solvents are different from cleaning supplies. They are usually used for heavy-duty cleaning jobs like those needed to remove such contaminants such as oil, grease and solder flux to name a few. Cleaning agents are substances that are used to remove dirt, odors, stains and dust on surfaces.


In order to understand how to clean something most efficiently, you first have to know which type of cleaning product to use in order to achieve the result. For instance, cleaning products are either alkaline (also known as base), acidic or neutral. HP Products explains “these terms are assigned based on the cleaners’ position on a 1-14 pH scale that represents the acidity of the agent.

Facts About Commercial Cleaning That Will Make You Feel Better

When it comes to cleaners, a higher pH does not indicate a greater cleaning strength, but rather, the number tells you the concentration of hydrogen or hydroxide ions present. This information is useful for choosing the right cleaner to break down materials. If the substance you want to remove is acidic (on the left side of the scale), you want to choose a cleaner that is alkaline (on the right side) to break down the acid and return it to a neutral pH where it can be more effectively cleaned.