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Pro tip: Ceiling fan blades are notorious for raining down dust. To minimize the collateral damage, slip an old pillow case over each blade and wipe away from the center of the fixture using the inside of the pillow case’s top layer. Most of the escaping dust will get collected in the case, which you can just clean or toss once you’re done.

Before you get to everything else, start by sanitizing your new fridge. Because it’s clear of any food, it shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes. Remove the shelves and drawers if you can and clean those individually with soap and warm water. For the inside of the fridge, make a solution of equal parts water and white vinegar, and use a clean rag to scrub down all the surfaces.

Make sure shelves are completely dry, and then return them to the fridge. Repeat these steps with the freezer. Pro tip: If you’re dealing with some sticky fridge grime that just won’t budge, boil some water and pour it on. Once the water is cool enough to touch, put your muscles to work and give it a deep scrub.

Once the fridge is clean you can get to work on the rest of the kitchen. Follow step one and start with the lighting fixtures, corners of the ceiling, and the tops of the cabinets. Next do the appliances: stovetop, oven, microwave, dishwasher, and sink, followed by the countertops. Do the cabinets next, making sure to clean them on both the inside and the outside and paying special attention to their handles.

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Pro tip: Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide make a powerhouse solution for getting rid of stubborn stovetop stains. Pour baking soda in a small bowl and add just enough hydrogen peroxide to make a paste. Spread it over the stove and let it sit for 15 minutes, then scrub. Bathroom cleaning is as much about disinfecting as it is about spotless surfaces.

For toilet seats, just go ahead and replace them. It’s a small expense, and the most efficient way to ensure they’re really clean. While cleaning, don’t forget the unexpected areas that you might skip over during a normal bathroom cleaning day. In addition to the usual suspects, also be sure to clean and sanitize the toilet paper holder, light switches, faucets, and door handles.

To make it easier, rub them down with juice from a fresh lemon. The acid is great at breaking down hard water stains and making metal surfaces shine like new. For the rest of the cleaning process, go item by item instead of room by room. Per step one, you’ll want to do this top down, so start with the ceiling.

For most of these areas, a good vacuum attachment will help you suck up the dirt and dust, which you can then follow up with clean damp rags. Pro tip: Don’t wash the windows when the sun is at its height, as it will make it difficult to see grime and streaks.

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You started at the top, so end at the bottom. For wood, tile, and linoleum floors, start by using a vacuum attachment to clean corners and edges, and then sweep up all remaining debris. Don’t vacuum the entire surface unless your vacuum is specifically designed to do so. Finish up by mopping, making sure to use a product that’s safe for the surface you’re using it on.

If you don’t own one, call in a professional to do the job or rent one from a local hardware store. Vacuuming alone may make the carpet look cleaner, but it won’t do much toward removing allergens or improving air quality. And what’s the use of cleaning something if you’re only going to do it halfway? Pro tip: To clean stained or grimy grout, combine equal parts water and bleach in a bowl and then use a toothbrush to scrub.

Many teens who head off to college and stay in the dorms will be living away from home for the first time. While dorm life can be a lot of fun, it typically offers only the bare minimum: a bed, bathrooms, a food plan, and laundry facilities. The rest is up to you.

The typical dorm has a single bed. Dorms usually don't provide any bedding, however. To sleep comfortably, you will need the following: A pillow A mattress pad One or two sets of twin or twin XL sized sheets and pillow cases (check with your school on what size to bring) One or two blankets or a comforter Few dorms have private baths.


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In many cases, the showers are a walk down the hall from your room. Therefore, the following items are necessary. A shower caddy to carry personal hygiene items to the bathroom A bathrobe for trips to the shower or middle-of-the-night bathroom breaks Shower shoes to prevent fungal infections Several bath towels, hand towels, and wash cloths It's easy to forget all of the items you will need for personal hygiene.

Many dorms offer coin-operated washers and dryers in common areas. You will need to supply the rest. You will need: A laundry basket or laundry bag Laundry detergent Fabric softener Stain remover Rolls of quarters An iron/ironing board if the dorm doesn't have one available Hangers Drying rack (for drying fine washables) Keeping your dorm room clean is a necessity.

For cleaning you will need: Cleaning wipes Window cleaner Paper towels or reusable cloths Small bagless vacuum or hand vacuum Dish soap Trash can liners Other cleaning products you might need (for example, if your dorm room has its own bathroom, you may need to bring a toilet brush) It's always good to have a few items on hand for emergencies, such as: Assorted bandages Hydrogen peroxide Antibiotic ointment Anti-inflammatory medication Cold medication Hand sanitizer Sun block Prescriptions Proof of health insurance card Flashlight and batteries Locks or safe storage for valuables While some dorms have communal computers, most college students bring their own.

Even if you have a meal plan, you'll probably want snacks from time to time. The following items are great for dorm rooms. A dorm refrigerator typically fits underneath a desk and can be used to store small food items, leftovers, and cold beverages. A small microwave allows you to heat foods, pop popcorn, or prepare hot beverages.

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A travel mug allows you to carry your beverage of choice to class or around the dorms. A water bottle is a great way to stay hydrated. Chip clips can help you close opened packages. A can opener allows you to make a quick meal or midnight snack such as a can of soup.